When Super Stuntman meets Super Model – "Kambakkht Ishq"

Kambakkht Ishq is a romantic flick between two persons Viraj Shergill and Simrita Rai, both of them are totally different in nature. Viraj is stuntman in hollywood and is a cool person when it comes to women. On the other hand Simrita who is a super model and is able to control the most arrogant man who come into her life (i.e. Viraj).

The story is about two different persons who doesn’t possess any similarity naturwise, falls in love due to some hilarious situations that occurs with them. Kareena plays the character of Smirita Rai and Akshay Kumar plays the character of Viraj Shergill.
Looking at the stills the movie seems to be a glittering romantic flick, with all the masala there in the movie needed for the Indian audiences. Kareena’s look is mind blowing and the coolness of Akshay can be seen by looking at his dude getup.

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