The Proposal Movie Review: A typical Love Chemistry

The Proposal, a love and comedy packed flick starrring hollywood’s two great celebrities Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Sandra plays the character of Margaret, a book editor. She blackmails her assistant Andrew (character played by Ryan) to marry her so that she can stay in US. Margaret does this because she is facing Visa problems and she don’t want to be get deported to her native Canada. Enlighten by the promise of getting promotion Andrew accepts the proposal. In order to convince a skeptical immigration officer, however, the couple must fly to Andrew’s family home in Alaska for his grandmother’s 90th birthday. From here the movie get into ups and downs stage with all things happneing in their life. At last both fell in love and they get married in real.

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The movie seems to be impressive for those who like romantic flicks, but in terms of rating it its an average. Movie is excellent in terms of acting and characters are very impressive. A ealthy comedy with romance this is what The Proposal is.

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