Shilpa’s new avatar as she goes bald in “The Desire”

Its was heard back in the 2008 that Shilpa Shetty will go bald for a movie. Now the first look of the movie is revealed finally and the movie is named “The Desire”. Looking primarily its looks that Shilpa has shaved of all her hairs, but this isn’t the real thing. Her bald look is through prosthetic make-up by some experts. The bald look is due to Shilpa playing a role on Monk in the movie. The new avatar is of Shilpa is already in news and Shilpa looks beautiful yet in bald look. “The Desire” is directed by Sarath Kumar and apart from Shilpa it also casts, Sheetal Menon, Anupam Kher, Nakul Vaid and also Jaya Prada.

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