Sheila vs Munni ! Which is best item song ?

Recently we saw the hottest item song from the movie “Dabangg” featuring Malaika Arora. The song was “Munni Badnam Hui”. This item song was an added bonus to the movie success.
Now coming to the present hot song, well its “Sheila Ki Jawaani” featuring Katrina Kaif. The song is from “Tees Maar Khan” which is set to e released on 24, Dec 2010. 
The question now arises that which is the best and hottest item number, “Sheila Ki Jawaani” or “Munni Badnaam Hui”.
In the “Munni badnaam Hui” song Malaika Arora gave some Latka and Jhatkas which were the punch point of the song. 
Malaika was seen with Salman Khan in this song.

And in “Sheila Ki Jawaani” song its all a new and different style dance which Katrina has performed, she did belly dancing which is all new.
Katrina is seen with Akshay Kumar in this song.
Whether its Sheila or Munni, both songs have no doubt added something extra to the movies which is the main attraction too. 
Now its your turn to give your view on which one you feel to be the best item song, please feel free to comment.

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