Salman Khan’s Most Awaited "Veer" on the Set Pictures

Veer, its a Salman Khan starrer movie which is among the most awaited movies. VEER is Salman Khan’s biggest movie in Bollywood for year 2009. Its an action flick with Romantic Story set in the 1800 AD. Directed by Anil Sharma, who is known for making good and interesting movies in bollywood. The special is Salman look outstanding, specially his 8 packs abs.
Here are some on the set picc,

Salman Khan pays tribute to Arnie’s Conan the Barbarian and the recent CGI enabled Gerard Butler starrer, 300. Veer is scripted by Salman himself and he plays a warrior in the year 1800. Be prepared for Salman’s 8 packs after Aamir’s. The film has roped in several noted faces from Bollywood including a Katrina Kaif look alike. Also starring in the film is the daughter of noted Hollywood martial artist, Jean Claude Van Damme – Bianca Van Damme. It is one of the most ambitous projects till date.

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