Kajol spotted at NDTV support my school event

Kajol was spotted at NDTV support my school event. She was dressed in green silk top, black denims and red pumps, looked quite formal though. During the conversation she expressed her views about many social issues. Kajol was accompanied with Sachin Tendulkar during the conversation.

During the event Kajol said “Education is every child’s birth right. It is very important to support each and every child.” Kajol donated 10 lakh rupees for the noble cause.

The campaign has received donations from many celebrities from bollywood and other fields.

Support My School Campaign

“Support My School” campaign was started to ensure that education reaches every children in the country. It was started in January 2011 and now more than 100 schools over 10 states have the basic facilities of sanitation, water, playing facilities, libraries, computer centers.

This campaign started in partnership with NDTV, Coca-Cola and UN-Habitat.

The more details about the campaign can be seen at NDTV website.

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