Is Aishwarya Still On Demand ?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan a well known renowned actress in bollywood, also counted among the most successful celebrities in bollywood.
Now coming to the year 2010, well this year was not so successful for Aishwarya, as it can be seen her 3 major movies Raavan, Action Replayy and Guzaarish were all flop.
Now the question arises,

Is Aishwarya still in Demand ?

Coming to some of the major drawbacks about her. Aishwarya is now 37, this age figure can be a major drawback for not getting on screen hits.
Point no. 2, while looking in the promotions of Action Replayy and Guzaarish, Aishwarya was not present. Looks like Aishwarya is more keen towards a housewife and so the promotions of the movies were handled by Akshay and Hrithik. 
In Actiona Replayy, the look of Aishwarya was modern and she was not at all looking like someone of 1970’s, which as the major theme of the movie. Similarly, the nurse character played by her in Guzaarish, she was not at all looking like a nurse. A nurse with such a dressing sense and makeup is hard for one to accept.
 The only movie that was in demand was the Enthiran, but that too was because of superstar Rajnikantha.

Concluding all this it is clear that 2010 was not at all good for Aishwarya. May be in the coming year she would achieve success. But one thing is a major drawback and that is Aishwarya is loosing her charm due to growing age.

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